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Pocket Tripod Pro Review: Worth It or Not?

As I clearly state on my social media profiles, I love new gadgets--especially technology gadgets. Added bonus points for those gadgets I might use for photography! This is a  tripod for smartphones and claims to fill all phone and all cases measuring less than 12.5mm thick or 1/2 inch or less. I tried it with 2 different phones and found it fit both equally well. Bottom line, I've decided to keep it. But maybe not for the reasons you'd think.
October 19, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs
Essential Post Processing for Better Photos- Part 1

Essential Post Processing for Better Photos- Part 1

I firmly believe every digital image benefits from some measure of editing. In other words, every image created using a digital camera, including a smartphone camera, can be improved through post processing.
October 3, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs

How to Benefit from Serendipity in Photography

What word best describes a scene is so perfect you feel the photo gods are smiling on you? I call that serendipity--when all the elements align for that perfect but unexpected result. How can you make sure you are ready when serendipity happens?
August 27, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs

Behind the Shot: Uncommonly Still

August 15, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs

Gazing Into the Past

Spider Rock overlook inn Canyon de Chelly, takes on various…
July 27, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs

Auke Bay Rest Stop

Alaska is known for its abundant wildlife. My trips there produced…
July 25, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs
This Lizard is Fierce

This Lizard is Fierce

I felt so lucky to get this shot! These lizards are classified…
July 24, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs

Sunset at Haleakalā Wins Honorable Mention

I just learned my submission, Sunset at Haleakalā won Honorable…
July 19, 2020/by Carol Fox Henrichs