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Photoshop Lightroom Classic: Importing & Organization

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is a robust system with many features. Learning to use LRC may seem daunting and confusing. This class covers the first few choices you must make when beginning to use Lightroom--where to store your files and how to find them. Getting this right will set you up for success. Sorry! This […]

The Art of Adding Textures to Your Photos

Why do people add textures to their photos? It may be to make the photo look old, or scratched. Sometimes it’s done to take a good photo in a different direction, or to add a painterly effect. Textures can help evoke emotion or set a mood so that the end result looks like the artistic […]


Create A Custom Logo Signature

Add a personal touch to your photos with a unique watermark. Whether you sell your photos or share them on social media, a custom logo adds that something extra. Learn to create your own custom logo, watermark and nameplate to apply to your photos. I will demonstrate how to create a signature logo using Photoshop, […]