Eye Level With An Egret

It makes no difference if your subject is a critter or a person, eye contact in the photo helps create a more engaging photo. Getting eye level with the subjects creates a connection between them and the viewer. Sounds easy right? As easy as it sounds to just shoot when the animal is looking at you, it practice it is rarely possible to just walk up and shoot an instant masterpiece photo. Getting eye level with and capturing the right type of eye contact for the composition requires thought, a careful approach, and attention not just to the subject, but everything going on around you. Even with birds in flight.

Getting eye level with a bird in flight is not often easy while standing on the ground. However, with a telephoto lens, birds in the distance can appear to be eye level in the photo. I created this image using a photo of a Great Egret taken with a focal length of 520 then I blended texture layers with it to achieve the final look.

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