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Addressing Common Issues in Wildflower Photography

Seemingly small issues can very quickly ruin a photograph and your entire wildflower photography experience.

In this FREE, 1 hour webinar, I’ll discuss ways to approach issues related to:

      1. tools & equipment
      2.  sun
      3. wind
      4. clouds

Technical Level: All levels

Creating Meaningful Composition in Nature Photography

When composing a photograph you need to consider several things:

  1. What is the story you are trying to tell? 
  2. What’s your center of interest or focal point?
  3. What elements will most support that story?
  4. How can you maximize those elements?

In this FREE, 1 hour webinar, I’ll consider each of these points with tips for helping you improve image composition.

Technical Level: All levels

Getting Creative With Your Nature Photography

Manipulating aperture and shutter speed are two mean photographers use to capture original, imaginative, and expressive photos.

We’ll look at

  1. Motion blur
  2. Bokeh
  3. Depth of field

In this FREE, 1 hour webinar, I’ll show you settings and techniques to help you go beyond your own expectations as you visualize & capture photos that inspire.

Technical Level: All levels