What I Learned About Nature Photography From Kids

For the past 4 years, I spent some of my summer at a nearby day camp for kids, which is designed to help the campers develop or expand their appreciation of nature. As the camp photographer, I tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible while following groups of campers throughout the day capturing candid shots of their daily activities.

I also conducted short classes on nature photography. The point of my presentation is to be responsible nature photographers, respecting nature, and I discuss several ways to capture interesting images rather than just snapshots. Afterward each camper uses a camera outside to explore nature through photographs. The photos showed me how many of the kiddos attempted to apply some of the concepts I had presented; while others had their own ideas about what constituted “interesting” nature shots.

The subjects chosen included ponds with reflections, flowers, and trees–all of which I was expecting. However, I was surprised to see shots of garden hoses, feathers, petrified wood, sunbursts through trees, and the bottom of mushrooms. I realized my concept of a nature  photo could use some revision. Thanks for expanding my vision!

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